4 Benefits Of Using YouTube Go Android App

YouTube Go (Unreleased) version is now Available on google play store, This app allows users with poor signal or very limited data to download videos from the site for offline viewing. Download and watch your favorite videos️, Instantly share videos – no data used to transfer, Only 8.5MB app size

1. Manage Your Data!

  •  Select your video to be download or let stream
  •  YouTube Go users will be able to preview videos when offline, share them with nearby friends when without data, and of course also download videos to watch when offline later.
  •  Shows how many MBs you spend on videos

2.  Less Phone Hang!

  • Many users care about Ram usage when it come to Youtube Go App is very light weight even which handset has 500 MB of Ram can use them worrying about phone hanging
  • Made to work with less storage and slow speeds
  • Works on older Android versions back to Jellybean (Android 4.1)

3. Share Videos Now Became Easy!

  • Video transfer with friends and family nearby Without losing any data.
  • Super fast speed: send videos in seconds
  • Once received, a quick 15KB internet security check allows you to play the video

4. Download Videos! To Watch When Offline  ️

  • Save Videos from YouTube Go to your phone or SD card and play them without buffering
  • Watch them anytime, anywhere – even with slow or no internet connection
  • Watch downloaded videos many times with no extra data cost


Let me know your opinion about new youtube App does it meet all requirement?


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