7 Things You Need To Do AFTER Publishing A New Blog Post

And the fact is once you published your post, you and your RSS subscribers are the only people who get known about your new post quickly. We know growing a blog takes time – but making awareness about your blog help to grow your blog in an online market. It’s now easy to publish articles online but most of the content writers failed to grow and drive traffic to the new post.

These are top 7 quick marketing steps to take immediately after you publish a new article. Bookmark this page as a Blog Post Checklist – you should do to every blog post after you hit PUBLISH.

1. Re-Optimize high paying CPC keywords

Read again your whole post and find the exact topic-keyword which describes the content of your post.

2. Ping & Share your post on Bookmarking & Social Sites

First shorten the post-URL. Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon etc are really traffic grabber for a selected topic-keyword. Ping your URL on it. Then to grab public quickly on your post you need to share it on social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

3. Find related topic & Comment

Now you need to find other posts related to your topic and then comment on them; just to develop relationships which further causes more organic traffic.

4. Scanning Market & Specific target sharing

Now you need to significantly find the specific readers about the topic. Like if you are talking about Photoshop then you need to let some widely used Photoshop users know about your content and tutorial which they can come to see & talk, which further causes more sharing.

5. Inform & Ask other

Inform your readers about new tutorial meanwhile, ask other bloggers or writers to recommend your post and to write a blog about or link to your topic. This can be a good way to build healthy backlinks.

6. Respond to comments.

If your post receives any comments, make an effort to respond to them, especially if people have questions or are extra thoughtful. Responding to comments is a great way to build a stronger readership, more engagement, and friendships with people who will come back because they feel valued.

7. SEO Optimization

1. Choosing good keywords
2. When to start worrying about it
3. How to tweak older posts for best results
I’d love to hear your thoughts on best practices for publicizing your posts across the web.  these steps are much easier to follow for anyone to generate valuable visitors.


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