Best 13 Apps You Should Install Right After Buying A New Smartphone

And today we are going to see most essential apps list that everyone should install on their smartphone right after buying a new mobile.

These are the best apps especially those android apps build by the smart and best android applications development for your android phone; making an example for Android app development. For apple phone system users, especially they develop an app for iPhone which will enhance your mobile performance.

1. NeverLostMyDroid

Android Mobile can be Tracked after it gets lost/stolen. You need to keep ready your phone for loss by installing the tracking app. Learn how to Find/Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Phone. It is easier than ever to track down your lost phone; you just prepare your phone for loss by setting up the best app for phone tracking. Learn more about the best free Android tracking app for free download, Android tracking app hidden for stolen phone or Android tracking app tutorial. Its not available for iOS

2. Social Network: Facebook

Social media is an important part of daily life of a smartphone user. Many phones have a built-in app on Facebook but don’t provide Messenger so use should download and install these apps. Through these, he/she would remain connected with the friends and other communities. Moreover, the Messenger offers easy and comfortable communication.

3. Dropbox

The storage space provided by a smartphone might not be sufficient for a user to install so many apps and keep all the data. Though numerous online storage services offer free accounts on their platforms where the users can store their relevant data and documents, Dropbox is the best among all because it’s user-friendly and gives enough space with an incredible package of getting more space for adding friends and more users.

4. Google Earth

Need help when you forget to reach a particular place? Visit play store and download Google Earth to stay on the right track when you are traveling. It provides accurate locations with shortest routes to access a particular restaurant, shopping mall, or market. The 3D supported images, and places are really great and convenient too for all the smartphone users.

5. Best Messaging App: WhatsApp or Hike

For free communication, either video or audio or text messaging, WhatsApp beats all the apps. We strongly recommend that all smartphone users should have WhatsApp on their phones to send text messages, audio recordings, videos, photos, and documents as well freely. The user-friendly interface of the app lets you enjoy convenient and fast communication.




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